Friday, December 28, 2012


Watched Prometheus, loved it.
Suddenly made a fake fast 10min.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

To hell with surprises.

Salman Khan died in car accident on the wall mounted t.V  and the lady on Versace perfume hoarding went into an orgasm face. An Air India jet hauled at the doorway  as the Merry Xmas song kept repeating on the speakers.

''How are you feeling ?" an sms popped on my cell phone. I chose not to respond. I wanted to say, "I am batman...."

A passing airliner made a pattern on the window. The silhouette of a cleaning staff against the bright window with an airliner beyond made a perfect Hollywood frame.
He mopped the floor in the slow rhythm of a music composer nonchalant about the hullabaloo of the passengers, the planes and the monophonic Merry Xmas.

"Where are you ? " another sms. I want to reply that I am flying back home. I wish I could record a John Denver 'leaving on a jet plane' and reply the message. i chose to ignore again because if I did i would spoil the surprise.

  Vigorously I took out a novel from my bag to read but I  knew I cant focus. The music in the lobby changed to an epic movie theme. The cleaner had vanished as I looked up. Salman Khan is a ghost now.

Once on the streets of Muhammad Ali Road a kid tried to sell me 'Attar'. A strong smelling homemade perfume. I brought it then since it was cheap. I suddenly remembered the scent. Out of the blue a random street scent filled the lobby.

"Please respond" i got another message on my cell phone.

The monotonous lady made an announcement unclear yet crisp. A Marathi woman kissed her child right in front of me. A tamilian blasted his wife on the phone. Another airplane made a pattern on the window.

"I am coming home :-) :-)" i responded to the message, switched off my cell phone.

To hell with surprises.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Monarch Butterfly

I don't believe I have to say anything here

photoshop and paint

photoshop paint and work

krishand on paper

If I do the Monarch butterfly might fly away

Friday, December 7, 2012

First Look - Trailer /promo

A cured patient at a mental asylum convinces a worker to go to a theater 40km away.

Story, Screenplay ,Direction -- krishand
Director of Photography -- Regan Raj
Guide -- Sudesh balan
Cast -- Sethu Rajeev, G. radhakrishnan nair, Nagaroor Mohandas
Title Design -- Shubhangi Jadhav
Music -- Curios flute apple soundtrack (royalty free loops)
location - marayur, Udumale pettai
Production - Dheerej . M , Anoop jaffer Mohammeds

The initial web response to the trailer is weak ...sighpoor, 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

BOT 24

a self aware machine tries to find the source code for liberation. (concept in the making)

Monday, December 3, 2012


  • Take a sheet of paper, cheap low quality bond paper.
  • Put paint in random manner.
  • Put transparent ink again at random.
  • Take a picture of the paper.

Try to find patterns shapes and colors in the picture from the laptop

Make a batman over it by sketching on photoshop ....finally
Remember my friend who always say you can make only batmans and then draw a bikini lady....

Sunday, November 25, 2012

DareDevils, Winter soldiers and Dark Knights

2011 january

2012 january

2012 November

Daredevil is a blind batman, Hells kitchen (20 mins speed sketch, bad/happy bad)

Friday, November 23, 2012


Kaash flowers in the valley of marayur

At 1.30 prof. Sudesh Balan asks me to clean up, shower and shave. He says my Jury is by a big shot.

At 2.00 pm I get to know that Amol Palekar (actor, Director) is a member of my short film Jury panel in IDC. I knew he was big however I was not embarrassed to about the bad audio or sounds.

the title design by Shubangi Jhadhav

At 2.30pm I am watching porn “Private casting – by Pierrie Woodman” sipping black tea and lazy to take a shower.

Around  3.00 , waiting at the autostand only to realise that I don’t have enough money in my wallet 
for the auto rickshaw.

By  3.35pm Jury walks into the auditorium with respected professors, my throat was infected and I had batman voice and moreover I didn't want to speak. If the film can’t speak for itself then there is no point...

                                Me responding to Amol plaekar, Sandhya Gokhale, Phani tetali, 


At 4.10 the film ends.

After 4.10pm
Amol palekar feels that I have not been able to successfully communicate my theme. He feels there are no ups and downs. He didnt understand the purpose or the genre.

Phani Tetali my internal guide liked my effort but was expecting more since he read my report. Gave a lot  of confidence at certain levels.
My Guide Sudesh Sir smiled and said that the film was good in parts.
Sandhya Gokhale commented on the meaning of the frames the length, purpose .

At  4.20 pm I had pressed the mute button. Now I am immune to critique, comments, feedbacks or compliments.

At 4.30 pm People are trying to console me. I figure out that something had gone wrong. Amol Palekar rephrased my story (though he did it point out mistakes), Sandhya Gokale remember the frames (though she did it to ask about the purpose), Phani sir saw my effort and I was able to connect to certain people in the crowd.

At 4.45 pm I get a huge response from my Juniors and batchmates that the film was good. (?)

At 5.30 pm I am at 4.10pm

At 7.30pm I am still at 4.10pm.

At 9.30pm I see prof. G.V.Sreekumar sirs update on FB that he liked the film.

At 10.30 pm I make black tea and start reading Calcutta Chromosome.

At around 1.00 in the night I am still in love with my film. 

CHerumarangal from krishand rk on Vimeo.

Monday, November 19, 2012

A place beyond Madness

A  patient who became normal,
A worker who claims to be sane,
A movie theater 40km away
And the madness

My institute film project 

screenshot from the edit table/Jeep scene

screenshot from the edit table 2/Paata intro (cast sethu)

screenshot from the edit table 2/cloud scene

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Mongrel Magnet by Shishir Bhagade

Shishir Bhagade took "Image making and representation" to the next level when he developed this illustrated story for children.

the cover page and last page. { (spot Krishand :-) }

The story is adapted from The Weiner Dog magnet by Hayes Roberts. I was infact very happy to be a part of the project working on this adaptation and content building.

The whole sweat that has gone into the book is by Shishir Bhagade but I am glad that some spices were allowed from my side.

book available in t his link

The book is for an age group from 5 to 10 and not for sale. the particular illustrative style that Shishir bhagade adopted was very impressive.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Switch - August

It was always a dream to bring Dheerej to Oviedo, Banagalore (kiron's den) and party. Then go on a road trip . It worked and for a change was feeling free.

Though not a very dramatic road trip ended up in Kanyakumari and then home. Posting some pics.

 Though shortlived it was a great 'high'. 

Friday, November 2, 2012

Case 356 - finally uploaded

The completed film has been uploaded here, this was done as a part of video communication sem2, Jan 2012,

Even though amateurish it is a part of me and fetched me a Bollywood internship as camera assistant.

CASE 356 from krishand rk on Vimeo.

As Kiron would notice I have grown a little more stronger in storytelling.

Thanks to Bimal, Chandni, Abhinav

Friday, October 26, 2012


No matter whatever marvel universe comes up with, Wolverine and Deadpool will always be the coolest characters in the bunch.

When I came accross Deadpool for the first time I was fascinated by the character breaking the fourth wall and complaining about the artist.

 A 30 minute sketch of dead pool. Ball Point pen, water color, Corel Draw , photoshop.

Updating the sketching process
no reference used. (memory)

ball point pen/pencil

ink/water color/p.s

p.s/corel painter

Menawhile the Marayoor project has crossed the first stage. The story has been laid out in time line. making the editing crisp and sensible. I need good sounds and the music and save it or kill it. 

plus a poster for Oviedo bangalore Kiron's appartment
poster option 1

poster option 2

page from freelance graphic novel concept

first panel (comic book freelance)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Marayur project- first look

I had decided that the medium would be live action for my P2 Project at IDC. What other way to tell a convincing story than through people

The new plots began to take shape after the recent visits to Marayur with Anoop Jaffer. In claustrophobic rooms of Mumbai, hot arid areas of Rajasthan and crowded local trains a story was taking shape.

screenshot from the edit table (Sethu Rajeev and Radhakrishnan nair)

Everyday there was a new plot and then a sub plot. Few locations from Marayur suddenly take its place as the story revolves around the plot. I would call up my friend Renoy, Anoop, Kiron and explain to them with enthusiasm. I would write in down and scribble it on the big papers that were stuck in my room. By the end of the day the enthusiasm would decrease, the plot would look incomplete, the characters would look unconvincing and the materialization would look beyond budget. 

(Sethu Rajeev  as 'Paata' the normal)

The idea would be washed down and remain as mere ink marks on the chart. The making of the plot is a creative process. It involves the seed to the story. The story is build around it.

 The story can be designed but not the plot. (contd......)

Direction,Story, Screenplay - Krishand 
Cinematography - Regan Raj
Photography - Regan Raj
Guide - prof. Sudesh Balan
Produced by - Anoop jaffer Mohammed, Dheerej Mohan
Sethu Rajeev
         Radhakrishnan nair
         Nagaroor Mohandas

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Dust and Bones

Sometimes a motorcycle is not a ride, it’s a statement. A statement against the kindergarten bikes which has lost character and soul.
The yezdi has been a part of me ever since college. 

In between stages of senescence and decay she survived and is still strong for a battle.

Though she has cost me a lot of money, time and even health there is no regret.

                   2007 picture

The bike is a survivor and i am in love with survivors.