Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Marayur project- first look

I had decided that the medium would be live action for my P2 Project at IDC. What other way to tell a convincing story than through people

The new plots began to take shape after the recent visits to Marayur with Anoop Jaffer. In claustrophobic rooms of Mumbai, hot arid areas of Rajasthan and crowded local trains a story was taking shape.

screenshot from the edit table (Sethu Rajeev and Radhakrishnan nair)

Everyday there was a new plot and then a sub plot. Few locations from Marayur suddenly take its place as the story revolves around the plot. I would call up my friend Renoy, Anoop, Kiron and explain to them with enthusiasm. I would write in down and scribble it on the big papers that were stuck in my room. By the end of the day the enthusiasm would decrease, the plot would look incomplete, the characters would look unconvincing and the materialization would look beyond budget. 

(Sethu Rajeev  as 'Paata' the normal)

The idea would be washed down and remain as mere ink marks on the chart. The making of the plot is a creative process. It involves the seed to the story. The story is build around it.

 The story can be designed but not the plot. (contd......)

Direction,Story, Screenplay - Krishand 
Cinematography - Regan Raj
Photography - Regan Raj
Guide - prof. Sudesh Balan
Produced by - Anoop jaffer Mohammed, Dheerej Mohan
Sethu Rajeev
         Radhakrishnan nair
         Nagaroor Mohandas

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