Wednesday, January 8, 2020


When you want the film to sound in a certain way. 

The instruction were given to sound designer and sound mixing engineer
The sound mixing engineer did a wonderful job.

For MIX and folley
ONLY music and no sound

In this scene whenever
the car is shown only music. No atmosphere. (if if there is atmosphere) it should very feeble -as in one should have a good speaker to hear it. Very feeble. Sound. Music should be loudest thing.
Not for this screenshot
but the entire scene
When we go 5.1 we
should have a
disturbing buzz
prakambanam - 
Whenever the car inside is

“chakravarthini ninaku
njan ente “ or old
“subalekshmi song”
in a broken radio.
Loud car sound.
Whatever the old man s
peaking should be feeble
and inaudible.
The whole car sound
can be muffled.
It's a distant memory
and not clear.
No need to fade in.
JUMp between music and t
his. The music can slowly
encroach the car broken
and inside car scene
(if in case duration is long)
Muffled sounds.
Like a dream

A little bathroom
kind of treatment.
The room sound
should be clean. 
The entire background music will be changed. Ajmal will compose a new sound.

Priority is for the audio.
Next priority is folley.
Ambience has the least
Till he reaches the image2
on the left where music
will have least priority

Music should appear
as if it is ambient.
Maybe it heard from the shop nearby. Loudspeaker inside the shop. (image1)

Image 2 music
should be loudest thing.
Here it is BGM and not ambience . (the ambient sound needs not priority - it can be left unheard or feeble - folly wounds can be heard -but the music is loud and will cover everything)

Again in image 3 -
the music should
become ambient sound.
Like heard
from a shop behind
him or street.

His narration need not
have any treatment and
should be treated like the next shout. It's just that sound is overlapping in this. (Now it sounds like it is on a phone or recorder which is not required) Ambience is fine. No bird sound required. 

The ambience of the
train should be sudden.
No need to crossfade or fade in. It should be abrupt. (This is the language we follow - anytime there is a sudden ambience jump we won't make it easy for the audience. We jolt them, with an ambience jump ). Mani sound need not legible. Train should should be distracting.

The phone sound
should stop when he
picks the call

Once he keeps the
phone the ambience should become louder. The ambience should be disturbing. This will again jump and disturb in the next shot. Where the ambience is kickass. (somewhere in between i feel like we have used a clip sound. Replace it just in case you have used it)

When this sound comes
the loud ambience
should slowly start to
muffle and fade away.
Music begins in this shot
Music is the only
sound by the end
of the shot

No ambience required.
By the end of the shot
small ambience at a
distance can creep in.
(only the person with
good speaker should get the ambience) it should be low. Only music

The ambience
should be less
but it is ok here for
the ambience
Priority - Music > Ambience
> folley

Replace the static
buzz of the AC.
it is disturbing in
good speakers.
Ambience need
to be as less as possible and music is the scenes most important factor

Distant ambulance
fire engine sounds
he says “ Achan Marichu “

The ambience
should slowly
fade in as the
Music becomes the
only important t
hing in the scene.
The ambience
should fade in
half of next shot.
Foley remains same. 

Remove the birds. 

Remove birds.
You can put some
Korean k pop as
distant ambience
from one of the
All k pop has rights.
So choose wisely. (
This is not important
and the most important
sound in the scene is
again The MUSIC)

Jump transition.
Ambience > Music is

No music only ambience.
Use the part of the pilot
record where there are
people talking in Korean.
His part is actually nice.
It's also ok
if you don't change anything except switching off the music

TV should be louder

TV sound missing.
It should not be changing
channels and hence you can out an english film played on TV

JUST perfect.
Don’t change anything

CUT the ambien slowly.
Next shot in the plane
have some ambience.
In the drone shot in kerala
have little ambience
That aerial shot after

this showing landscapes of
Tvm, add flight landing

Put an old malayalam
song ‘sanganmam
sangamam triveni
sangamam - inside car.
It should be feeble -
if u have redfm Rj sounds
then that too) priority -
Dialogue - car interior
sound -  radio

Remove the bird
Remove the cuckoo

Treat dialogue in the
same way the last shot
was treated (inside the car )
- This is tricky 

The drivers dialogue is
Mani dialogue is not.
The song inside the car
(should as less as possible)

Remove the bird

Keep the crow.

There should be a
disturbing BUZZ

No  need for music in car. 

Door closing sound.
The vomiting and
everything should
appear from a distance
When u view the
wide angle one sound
of Mamen is missing
her “ILLa” second time. 

MUSIC more important
than any other sound

The hiss (digital disturbance) of the walkie talkie - NO NEEDED - remove it completely`

The typewriter sound is
there continously - it
NEED not be there 
Remove all BIRD
sounds from here
A small room echo treatment for the police station. Like it is a widespace
CRying - there is a delay -
can u pull that and
ut it exactly when he starts crying (dubbing mistake)

Remove bird - 
Put occasional crow sound
You can out a jeep
starting sound here

Remove buzz

Use a cleaner
ambient sound - it should be from a distance
MUSIC >> ambience
Mixing take care
should be loudest
-ambience can
be very very feeble
Level in mixing
The cuckoo sounds
can be removed.
Use distant dogs barking.
SOme house TV playing.
Dogs barking goes with

Jump the ambience
Use HENS or
pomeranians barking

Remove bird - 

There is an error in
sound here.
Use only Drivers and
Cousin’s sound.
Mute cousins sound
when driver is speaking.
(this was a pilot for the driver given by cousin during dubb)
Remove the birds.
Give water flowing sound.
Use crows

Remove birds. 
(discussed with Ajmal)
USe distant cow sounds

Change ambience -
u can use crows and
distant dogs here - discontinuous dogs 

There are two bikes travelling in this shot. They should pass (in sound)


Remove crickets
This should be treated
as sunset time.
Broken vocal
The vocals should have an echo as if coming from a room inside. Them singing
Like the talk show on
tv running behind.
But in a good theatre
if one listens can hear
the loop.
(twice same sound appearing).
Also there is a car
in a distant taking reverse.
(red light falls on the
character )
that can be added.
Crickets should be very less. (i am ok even if there are no crickets)

Gate latch sounds missing
He wakes up on a door
bell sound.
Remove all birds here


AMbience should be feeble
or not there
The music should be louder

Use prakambanam SOUND
Residence association
person sitting in chair
no sound of chair.
No sound of gate opening

MUSIC > ambience

Uncles instruction
should be unclear and
at a distance

Remove birds
This entire sequence
is a sound designers
The entire disturbance
should be conveyed
via sound.
Music is just backing
the sequence.
Information is also
Finally when the cycling
starts it becomes a
musical sequence.
Overall feel becomes high.
No birds or room sound
disturbance required.
Small ambience to cover
digital silence required
When we mix. We have taken extra dubb files which both Rakesh and Sam has not used. Lets sit on it.

Also Ajmal might compose a new set for this
We need cycle sound
and bell sound -
from a distant of course
and the wind sound
just works -
Ajmal needs to give an
up music

Jump in ambience 
Louder ambience

Jump in ambience
and different ambient
music song sound required 

Crickets not required.
As he pass there is a
building a sound comes
from the building -
then house- serial
coems from house -
then some other sound -
kind of
Mostly this is mixing
BELL missing.
Cycle keeping on stand
Here crickets sound
should be less

There can be some
television sound.
(malayalam late night show)