Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Art at work

Some more of tablet work takes life... random characters plot .... plain boredom ..
can't sit and draw for long ...back hurts (darnn disk issue... healing).

Heard about a comic book called '100 bullets' heard its pretty kewl...need to read...
the lady

teaching arjun how the tablet is easy and this guy came on screen .... 

A cover design 

need to put in more effort ..SO far so gud what !!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Random Art

I fall sick very often these days. Some days its Asthma while other days its a bach ache.... oday was the latter... couldn't sit u and draw stuff...

 so thought of posting some stuffs that i have drawn over weeks..... improvement seems a distant word... need to practice better....

Saturday, August 28, 2010

preview-- comic art

Its been a long time since i wanted to draw like crazy and make a comic book.

when i was in school i had made a small comic with 'Norik' (kiron rajendran). We did it in a sketchpad with Norik writing the script and me working on the art. Since our creativty had limits  we used Stan lee's hulk and developed a bruce banner story.

The sketch pad lost itself in time and iwe got busy with Engineering.

Recently Sreejith suggested me to buy a 'pen tablet' , Bimal gave me confidence at a school reunion... Jabbar gave me a hell lot of ideas , Akhil's been there through all my craziness comparing, criticizing and i started to draw again.

thanks to Aparna Prasad who inspired me through facebook , thanks to dheerej for his surprises, thanks to Fabian for drawing better than me,Arjun 4 his manga and Rinu for her valuable opinion ( who has a better eye 4 mistakes ).... i will try again.... ,,


(Oil and photoshop)
(new strips)

(blah . )