Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Ignorance and the Birdman

evening tough and unrest - pockets almost empty - cinepolis neptune mall bhandup - miles away
Without much prejudices me and Anmol sit for Birdman.


Sunday, March 15, 2015

Ghoda 22

"When the violent underworld meets a violent household. "

Sandhya decide to confront her cheating husband and Chottu decides to help her in the process. The violent household merges with the violent underworld and result in a series of dark and funny events. Ghoda is an entertainer in its attempt.

Written, Shot and Directed by Krishand
Sound Design Shantanu Yennemadi
Sound Effects Ambu R
Produced by Rinu Krishna K
co-produced by Vijay Bosco
executive producer - Arjun SIvakumar, Rakhil Akkali
Production House - Kaffeiene Media
Banner - Good Earth Cinema
Special Effects - Nitin Anand, Vinod Panchariath

Amol Pathare
Ranjan Raj
Monika Sharma
Sushant Shetty
Rahul Rajagopal
Jamshed Nassin KV
Sumedh Garud

Color correction consultant - hari
Edit consultant - Jishnu R, Anmol Dharmadhikari, Sankalp meshram
Music Consultant - Navin Narayan

the white tiger
in the blink of an eye
case of exploding mangoes
making movies
satya (rgv)

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Kaffeiene - Fine art wedding

Meanwhile Rakhil and me started on our small enterprise of imagery, we have been employed in a few event shoots (rock concert, wedding, travel and fashion)
A jist of work to keep me inspired