Saturday, January 21, 2012

Its a Bird

The frequency of posts has increased. Somehow i am happy that nobody cares. Nothing major happened. brainstorming ideas like firing in the dark. Kiron was of great help. Started watching 'The walking Dead'. 
Meanwhile got a few glitches regarding one of the new subjects. Everything will eventually straighten itself out.

concept scribbles 

My Kryptonite

Looks (sounds ) like an online diary entry. Posting few stuffs. Doesn't matter if they are bad as long as they are "ME"

Thursday, January 19, 2012


As a matter of fact getting used to mUmbai is a tough call. You come accross a million faces at a railway station, a thousand at a bus stop. Chaotic people running relentlessly to survive.

The death/murder of my neighbor was devastating enough and I couldnt think of anything good to scribble, doodle. ( may peace be with her)

A bus stop horading and paint shade card exercise got me moving forward. 

Inspired by some hoardings i am trying a set of Silly posters.
Will a tree know how great it is ?

this is Nonsense fun

My sense of typography has always been bad. 
But then they are 'Imposters' and not posters

Monday, January 9, 2012

My December

 an initial concept

comic life

December was a big break. 
An exciting relapse from the bad habit of 'submission'.
First week at home there were scribbles ... no serious work

 The entire month was spend loitering around eating good food and spending quality time.But yes ..some sketches were made ..explored transparent ink .. ths time its not for practice or improvement ...its pure fun