Thursday, November 15, 2018

The Art of the cinema

Is Art inside cinema ?
Is Cinema an Art ?
Why make movies ?

Tried to solve some of this existential questions with a bunch of really solid students at Sacred hearts college Thavera. Nice experience and nice folks

Wednesday, November 7, 2018


I do not remember anything from my Bachelor days. I vaguely remember our college trip. I remember getting late and being fired. I also remember how my principal had denied my bank loan to buy a computer.

I have very few friends from those days and they are pretty close to me. In fact chances are if I see someone whom I vaguely remember I would hide and not give eye contact. The system at our bachelors college was authoritative, disturbing and submissive and they wanted to create minions engineers.

I loathed it more since there were vaguely discussion on being a better human being. It was all grades and marks. A set of rules which were to be followed blindly.

Luckily i found a job in college which I pursued in vain after i got out.
Luckily I found a life partner in college. This was almost when the college was getting over.

It gave me a degree and it gave me a loan which I paid off recently. Last feb to be precise.

Thanks to Reshmi Nair my batchmate , My principal called me back to college to give a talk on 'how an engineer can lead a life of artist/filmmaker.'

My brother in law  (Manjith )is a student in the same  college and he helped me set up the show. The students were not keen and I was honoured with a memento.

I think that is one good memory that will be added to my Bachelors memory stack. I remember bit more things now. 

The kick was gentle and slight and very less than I expected. Too early to be doing this dance.

There must be this one person out there who will be inspired by what I said. the rest of them can sleep. He/She need not remember my name or my work, but the possibility of getting out and pursuing what defines him/her. We never had the hope. We had a dress code, an id card, executive shoes and a bus to catch. We had rules to follow.