Wednesday, July 17, 2013


A common child born into this education system has two options. Either Engineering or Medicine.
Choice of choices deal with such a protagonist. Anvesh Dunna created the comic book from real life experience of Arunabh kumar(TVF Qtiyappa – fame)

The story was designed around for a comic book after a lot of back and four discussion. The visual style was explored by him and a narrative style was decided upon by both of us.

While working on the screenplay and the storyboard only one thing was in my head to communicate. A graphic novel includes all the basic rule of visual communication and is as powerful as cinema. So every panel had to be semantic as well as communicate the story further.

It was also suggested to break time, jumping between the protagonist life and a days work.
Anvesh’s water color added more flavour and ‘Choice of choices’ was on paper. All credits to Anvesh and thanks for letting me contribute actively in the graphic novel.

Good choice of Choices.