Saturday, November 26, 2011

print jobs

Another hectic week passed by like a breeze . I cant believe i am working overtime. Getting a lot of support from my room mate in presentation of the assignments.
   The banana alien assignments are pending.

Did some sketches .. again used reference ..part of exploration. I am asked to explore different styles. Maybe in the due course he wants me to improve my style. .

Waiting to go home .
Got the second short graphic novel complete. Art work looks amatuerish ..but its scribbles after all
    strip from The panicker's tale.

 A lot of work still pending but will be done by EOD ...The childrens abstract book awaits printing. Quiting coffee and joining IDc were the best things in the last 6 months..

      Meghawarsh -  The graphic novel in my hands.
     With Mohsen, Shishir Bhagade, Me, Ami Shah, Priyanka

Friday, November 18, 2011

Weeks in Panels

Billions of Blistering barnacles were released last week. Had a great time enjoying the works and remembering the sensitive memories associated with Tintin books and Trivandrum Public Library.

 Improvement working its way and laziness fighting against it. 

              collage of some works in the last  3 months

The graphic novel is taking shape. Meghawarsh has a face now but sumhw the detailing is not convincing enough. Since it is for an assignment Giving it details has also been pushed to the back seat.

                    the adimali tree (paper ink + ps)

 'Arjun panicker  complicated relations' initial panels are done. ( this was a relief).

                      tripod - water color on paper

tripod abstract

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Quality / Quantity/ identity

Few facts surfaced in the last few weeks
1) I am very lazy
2) I am not good enough
3) I am happy with the fact that I am not gud enough
But little by little things are shaping up. The quality of presentation is improving.
The quantity of time spent on thought has increased a little. 

Comicon offered a hell lot of inspiration . Posting some of the more positive works

the tooth fairy, banana alien, and some random goliath
                                                        batman -fan art -

the bringer of the rains -comic book as part of course

the comofort zone is still away. planning to buy rendering markers/ hammock. 
TAFN :-)  

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Staying up

I am surrounded by people with with amazing talent ... and i am sketching a lil more than usual ...
Love the feeling of getting up to a story and doodling the characters and loosing the urge to create by lunch evening I am on a new story ... Ideas keep piling up .. unfruitful ideas ..vague expressions ... incomplete amateurish artwork ... and complete happiness

some random shit (ink on paper + manga studio +ps)

 anoop jaffer -- streaks of a vestigial rebel
 banana alien -- assignment (amateurish ... will go pro)
 learning to do comic book ink -- and then PS to get effect
 the light of christ reveals the real anti christ in me (Blah)


Saturday, July 30, 2011


I am having a lot of fun at the design centre ...developing new tricks and meeting up with gods.classes hasn't started yet ... but ..Oh yeah i am learning.
 Done as a part of assignment by the entire group (photo courtsey Ami SHAH)
Photo courtsey (ami shah) .. a lamp shade by one of the group

Done for personal satisfaction :-) and not as a part of any project

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Galore ...

A guy ( great artist) Ujjwal Barwa threw my comic book on my face. He strongly believes that my tecnique on anatomy and colour sense is not good. He does not even think that i can ever improve. "Dont show me bad work" were his exact words.

After the results of the Department of Design people were all stirred. Like a tree being shaken vigourously. Ankur Singh (Rajput from Delhi and he got in Delhi IIT) walked into my room and said my art inspires him.

Akhil and JIthin Poulose were still in a bad mood and jithin George was unhappy ( eventhough he made it to Department of Design). Met a dopehead and and amazing guy Kiran ( IIT guwhatti -temporal sceintist)

Finally ...  got selected in IDC, IIT . chose Visual communication over animation design. Paid the fee

The magnitude of this temporary success hasnt struck me yet. BUt somewhere inside a lamp has been lit.

Thank you all. Esp the ones who went to the IIt page and saw my name themselves.

 Posting random madness here ..not gud art (quote Utpal Barwa) ..sir I can improve :-)

the anarchist

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Went to attend the interview at IDC mumbai ... took my first flight :-)
Hope i get into the instituition. Indeed felt good when Bimal showed me the place.  Interview went Beserk .Went to Pune and Banglore to hang around with frnds (kiran Kumar, tenny , DAyal, shailesh).

Kiron has some weird ideas which i will try to put on paper. (btw Kiron is a frnd ).kangaroo inspired fromAustralia. (btw kangaroo is a frnd)  Got a bigtime fever
and sat down to make a sketch ...

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Comic head

                                                             Collage of some photographs

Monday, May 2, 2011

getting the curves straight

buffalo soldier-- bob marley

bob marley - acrylic



jesus face

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

THE Rockstar and More

The Rockstar-- Drawn with Acrylic on paper and Edited with PS

Dominatrix -- Pencil and Ball pen

The Cyborg -- 

The Seductress -- Water color -Ps

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weekend Art mart

'The 'Creators on the street' venture took eusby surprise. We  had a chance to meet Sajay ( the painter with a difference).
 mujib, Asif Ali komu and Sajay
 the better half - my acrylic work
 Amateur or rather immature :-)
 Babu Paul
 portrait done by Babu from Kollam
 the kid and  the artist

Sajay - the hero of the evening
Also met eminent personalties like Asif Ali Komu (Komusons, Varghese Punaloor, Sasi (shangrila art gallery) , Babu (Amzing artist from Kollam) and many more ... Even painted on my canvas on the streets of Thycaud.
The crowd that gathered were amazed by Sanay's quick portraits and Murali's work on wood. Glad to be a part of this venture. Got a lot of people to look upto for examples. :-)