Saturday, November 26, 2011

print jobs

Another hectic week passed by like a breeze . I cant believe i am working overtime. Getting a lot of support from my room mate in presentation of the assignments.
   The banana alien assignments are pending.

Did some sketches .. again used reference ..part of exploration. I am asked to explore different styles. Maybe in the due course he wants me to improve my style. .

Waiting to go home .
Got the second short graphic novel complete. Art work looks amatuerish ..but its scribbles after all
    strip from The panicker's tale.

 A lot of work still pending but will be done by EOD ...The childrens abstract book awaits printing. Quiting coffee and joining IDc were the best things in the last 6 months..

      Meghawarsh -  The graphic novel in my hands.
     With Mohsen, Shishir Bhagade, Me, Ami Shah, Priyanka

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