Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Vrithakrithyilulla Chathuram

Vrithakrithyilulla Chathuram made it in IFFK competetion and its a big deal for us. Overwhelmed and Relaxed on extreme edges of emotion still wondering what this means to us.

Nalini makes a strong silhoutte in water. Against the light reflected from the river. Mani stands on the stairs.She comes back and sits near Mani and cries. Mani uncertain whether to touch her or console just relaxes. She rests her head on Mani's shoulder and cries.
Wide shot of the visual.
Close up of Mani.
varanasi wide frame

Some edit design instruction for editor

Sometimes I wish my editor would just stick to this edit. But he never does.

Friday, October 11, 2019

Research methodolgies

We had a brief class on Design Strategies and research methodologies where we discussed the Paletto's 80-20 principle, We understood the Helsinki bus station theory in arts.

We went to understand how biased we are as a human being and how less attention span we have.
The Halo effect, the Placebo effect were discussed in detail.

Then we briefly tried to solve the issue of 'Why people don't use public transport' in Kochi.

The class was conducted at ISCA for a batch of Master students. The students were very keen and very lazy

Friday, August 30, 2019

Notes from Vrithakrithy

Jan  3, 2019

At 730pm Rahul Rajagopal (our lead actor) and NIkhil  (our assistant director) arrives with Kochupreman and cycle . They forget to take the cycle keys. The cycle needs to be used but it is locked. Vysakh looses his cool. I can see it.  I want to burn everything. Hamsa and Nikhil along with Karthik solves the issue. I keep my cool. Shreya seems to picking up but Srilakshmi is silent. Nikhil is doing a lot of running around. Hamsa is taking effort. Shyamin helps me decide frames. Vysakh explains the scene to Kochupreman  and we start the shoot.
Rahul is finding it hard to cycle uphill. He wants us to change direction. I am not in a mind set to convince him about changing screen directions. Kochupreman wants Rahul to cycle down the hill. I now have to convince him. Rahul is a friend Kochupreman is not. The shots end up looking difficult and sad.  Mohammed the camera operator is way more talented than my co- cinematographer of Photography Venu. He knows the settings in and out and gives valuable suggestions. I want to pay him extra. I can't.
The wind unit has no force, The light unit uncle is slow and he is not convinced with the lighting. Moreover he has this weird attitude. Vysakh is a great boon. Thinks get done.He knows the scene inside out. Rahul's performance baffles me. He did the snake biting scene with so much conviction. Rahul's perseverance is very less since the last few months. He can't sit or bend on his knee. he is fucked up by the cold rain.  he is also on a quick diet to loose his weight for Varanasi scenes.. My back hurts but there are no thoughts of giving up. My body is shivering in the cold.  Rahul rises again to give the last shot. He is almost smothered. The final performances he gave is completely great. I am glad I took him as the lead character.  Shreya has listed sounds and Vysakh talks to Light unit about the mix up generator. everyone gets paid. Everyone gets rest. I haggle with the rain unit to get a discount. They are overpaid and are a bunch of not so great technicians.We are still going to pick Sarita Kukku. Its 6am. I miss my bed. I will see the visuals in the morning. Hope things are worth. 

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

UX and ME

I am tired. I really don't want to go. The rains are bad and the train service has stopped. I call up Ajith (my friend and writer) to drive me to Trivandrum. i hate depending on someone for my personal shit. I am giving a small talk at UX shots "LETS TALK UX". I don't know much about UX when compared to people who practice. So i prepare a presentation extolling the interdisciplinary nature of design and bringing them all together in the presentation.

The presentation goes fair and I am able to answer all the questions. Some people are really fascinated by the presentation whereas others who came for advanced knowledge is unhappy with basic thinking direction.

I am tired. We go for Lunch and then AJit and me goes home. There is flood at home and we clear the water out of the house. The memento and the plotted pant rests on the sofa while me and AJit along with Amma clears of water.

What UX shots wrote about the event

Event Highlights: Let’s Talk UX

Reading Time: 2 mins approx.
On the rainy Saturday morning of August 10th, 2019, UXShots conducted its very first event, “Let’s talk UX”. The massive turnout for our event in spite of heavy rainfall reinstated the value and passion prevalent among Technopark employees for User Experience. Our speaker for the day was Krishand R.K., an independent filmmaker and designer hailing from Bangalore. He is also a design educator and takes workshops on design thinking, filmmaking, and photography. 
“Let’s talk UX” was an interactive session where Krishand shared with the audience the basics of design, design thinking, colors, user research, user experience, and usability testing. He addressed several tugs of war discussed commonly in the design community, especially UI vs UX, Art vs Design, and Aesthetics vs Functionality. 
In Krishand’s words, there are only two rules to design: 
Rule 1: Don’t be stupid
Rule 2: Use your common sense
‘Eggs’ are one of the most versatile and common food in a kitchen and he used them to explain the iterative process of design. Everyone has a specific texture they’d like on a boiled egg and we can achieve that only with trial and error. Is this iterative process worth? Any egg-lover would say, YES! And so is the iterative process of designing for optimum user experience.
He explained vital UX principles like Hick’s law, Miller’s law, cognitive load, accessibility, universal design, and how all of them contribute to taking an experience from good to great. Let’s say we have a product that checks all the boxes in a usability test as well as an aesthetics test but the content used does not resonate with the user. That’s another trouble we must avoid. Content is King! The text, icons, visuals, images, colors, feedback, and interactivity are all intertwined to guide users through the tasks they want to achieve.
Smartphones and the internet have reached all corners of the world. Any product that you publish online is not limited by demographics anymore. It’s good news for businesses and users but it brings in another dimension to design: Accessibility, designing for everyone. Globally, 1.3 billion people have some form of visual impairment and it’s up to designers to ensure that no man is left behind without a good experience.
Design and user experience is simple, but it’s also complicated. It’s a continually evolving field and trends may come and go but if your product is made with users at its center, then you’re already one step ahead of the herd.
We are immensely grateful for the chance to meet and interact with such a lively crowd of UXers and we are planning many more exciting and insightful workshops for everyone. We can’t wait to meet you all again and learn together.

The kick was slight and flavors were normal. 

Saturday, May 11, 2019


The classes this time at sacred hearts went good. We had an intern for a recent shoot. I did a small survey to see how things are. They are not not fired up enough. 

It looks like i have a punctuality problem. But I was always on time. I think since i am not strict with timings such a red blot. However I will work on this part. There are some students who didn't even participate in the survey. Wonder what they are upto? 

Sacred hearts made a mess while paying me my money for the classes however Elizabeth madam stepped up and solved the crisis. This is the third time sacred hearts has done this. However i know i will keep going back.

Photographs by Shefin

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Failed October INK

INKtober - i failed you this timre. Twice in a row. I am not even sure if i will be alive to do this again next time. Posting it late.






Topic STAR


Wednesday, March 13, 2019