Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Let me admit this on, I am people shooter. That means I shoot people. I shoot people and their relation with a landscape. I do not shoot landscape. (well sometime i do) but for me the story of a place  is incomplete without someone in it.

students with artwork in craft class

So this is the part where i am shooting a school, it's infrastructure-architecture and people. The school owner-manager-friend Arjun Sivakumar is a man with a vision on education. The vision he has envisaged is a by product of the thought process of Dr. Nirmala (principal) coupled with his outlook as a traveler entrepreneur and artist. ShantiniketanCBSE school peyad is one of its kind in the state of Kerala.

When I was asked to take some pictures of the school for its website I was more than happy. 
We rented Kino Flo 400 Lighting Kit which were never used except for one or two instances.

The biggest energy was meeting the students and shooting with them.  The hallways corridors took me back to my school days in Arya Cenral school.

We shot an entire day.

This is the third school I have shot.

nb: pics are color corrected and is a property of Shantiniketan school

the shantiniketan school

when phenopthalene show its true color

arjun sivakumar 

this one was not clicked by me

fish eye.Love the clouds

focal lengths


school days for ever

Shot on Canon 6D with Nikon 50mm 1.4 (CP) and a russian fish eye lens (name I cant rememenber since I shot it last august)