Friday, October 26, 2012


No matter whatever marvel universe comes up with, Wolverine and Deadpool will always be the coolest characters in the bunch.

When I came accross Deadpool for the first time I was fascinated by the character breaking the fourth wall and complaining about the artist.

 A 30 minute sketch of dead pool. Ball Point pen, water color, Corel Draw , photoshop.

Updating the sketching process
no reference used. (memory)

ball point pen/pencil

ink/water color/p.s

p.s/corel painter

Menawhile the Marayoor project has crossed the first stage. The story has been laid out in time line. making the editing crisp and sensible. I need good sounds and the music and save it or kill it. 

plus a poster for Oviedo bangalore Kiron's appartment
poster option 1

poster option 2

page from freelance graphic novel concept

first panel (comic book freelance)

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