Friday, November 23, 2012


Kaash flowers in the valley of marayur

At 1.30 prof. Sudesh Balan asks me to clean up, shower and shave. He says my Jury is by a big shot.

At 2.00 pm I get to know that Amol Palekar (actor, Director) is a member of my short film Jury panel in IDC. I knew he was big however I was not embarrassed to about the bad audio or sounds.

the title design by Shubangi Jhadhav

At 2.30pm I am watching porn “Private casting – by Pierrie Woodman” sipping black tea and lazy to take a shower.

Around  3.00 , waiting at the autostand only to realise that I don’t have enough money in my wallet 
for the auto rickshaw.

By  3.35pm Jury walks into the auditorium with respected professors, my throat was infected and I had batman voice and moreover I didn't want to speak. If the film can’t speak for itself then there is no point...

                                Me responding to Amol plaekar, Sandhya Gokhale, Phani tetali, 


At 4.10 the film ends.

After 4.10pm
Amol palekar feels that I have not been able to successfully communicate my theme. He feels there are no ups and downs. He didnt understand the purpose or the genre.

Phani Tetali my internal guide liked my effort but was expecting more since he read my report. Gave a lot  of confidence at certain levels.
My Guide Sudesh Sir smiled and said that the film was good in parts.
Sandhya Gokhale commented on the meaning of the frames the length, purpose .

At  4.20 pm I had pressed the mute button. Now I am immune to critique, comments, feedbacks or compliments.

At 4.30 pm People are trying to console me. I figure out that something had gone wrong. Amol Palekar rephrased my story (though he did it point out mistakes), Sandhya Gokale remember the frames (though she did it to ask about the purpose), Phani sir saw my effort and I was able to connect to certain people in the crowd.

At 4.45 pm I get a huge response from my Juniors and batchmates that the film was good. (?)

At 5.30 pm I am at 4.10pm

At 7.30pm I am still at 4.10pm.

At 9.30pm I see prof. G.V.Sreekumar sirs update on FB that he liked the film.

At 10.30 pm I make black tea and start reading Calcutta Chromosome.

At around 1.00 in the night I am still in love with my film. 

CHerumarangal from krishand rk on Vimeo.

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