Thursday, February 11, 2021


There are days when nothing seems right and the thought of ending everything without giving a chance for a new start arises. The pain on my lower disc has entered into its 11th year now. I can't possible even think straight.

I have found a new producer for the movie PurushaPredham written by Manoj Sir and Screenplay by Ajith. We are waiting for actos dates. Prashant Chetan seems not interested.  

 I really don't want to be a fish in this pond. i just want to make films , Make breakeven money and kill myself or die whenever the time is right.

The pain is too much and the valium is making me rant. I am lonely. Vrithakithyil is not yet sold and Purushapredham is in the the desk. Aavasavyuham will finish in march. I do not want to make malayalam films. This is one thing that i am clear. 

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