Friday, June 24, 2016


I can't call myself much of a painter-sketching person. But yes I can draw. I can draw from memory and sometimes I get it right.

The Cannes film festival had taken me and my art director to Europe. Syama , my wife did the art direction for the short film. The Short film corner was exciting but  Europe as a whole was a visually different 'dictionary'.


Syama and I had plans to visit Europe and Cannes was a good reason. I guess the real reason must be Paris. I had started scribbling in the notepad I got along with the stationary kit from Cannes.

I will post the photos taken in a future post but these are the scribbles made .  They are not finished products. But they help me remember.

Antibes - in French Riveria - the railway station and Alps

The blue beaches of Monaco and the trains

Milan and Nice

Dinner at Anitbes

arc de triomphe

The jellyfish at the musée oceanographique de monaco

The metro at Milan 

Break fast - Croissants <3 yum

As we left Paris there were floods

Made with gel-pen -  - brush pen - Indian ink - photo transparent colors

Loved the moments.

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