Friday, August 10, 2018

peace of mind

It was a tough decision when once in a good peace of mind i decided that i will not shout or loose my temper at people. Maybe it was reading a little bit of J Krishanmurthy. However this time teaching in Uniterdworld school of design I lost it. i shouted at students and was verbally rude.

The class was filled with young people staring down their cell phones, giggling to each other, sleeping in my class. Some even had the audacity to open their laptops and work on other assignments. I gave it up by day 5. They are young kids. They are probably paying a lot of money to be in that space. They are also too young to understand the greatness of things they have taken for granted. They are young and foolish. i wish I could see the world from thier shoes. Its that time of the life when they get to enjoy without a care in the world and I want them to give a damn about my class. How naive of me.

Shruthi and Bhushan watching the film

the new building

Ms Menon watches the film when the class sleep

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