Saturday, September 16, 2017


Design is a virtue and not a department, it is not a tool based operation but a holistic approach to living. It is for self and more human oriented than client oriented. This is the core idea of my design lecture "Design Issues and Human centric Design" 

I have already done a small series in this approach for MDes students of NIFT and the results I should say is not yet fruitful. (Since it is an approach and not product oriented)

The classes would involved various aspect of Visual Design

1) Visual Order - Practical exercise (knowledge of illustrator - photoshop -- indesign - paper drawing a must - but can do without) This deals with hierarchy in designing visual solutions. Students will design an infographic/ to a problem given.

2) Design thinking - Which basically deals with the understanding Annoyance - problem -Design ethics - Desirability - feasibility - Viability 

3) Image as a tool for communication - which deals with photography and graphic design and there relation - (the product might be a giff poster or comic strip)

4) User experience design - an intro 
(Kids will be taught about wireframes - and basics of UX - that is user interviews - ethnography -wire framing - storyboarding - and if we get time an intro into Prototyping - since this is not my core area - I can only briefly introduce them into it - I have worked on the UX of earlier version of taxi for suregrabhouse and my own website)

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