Friday, April 15, 2016


The stage 2 screenplay ended with mixed feelings. It became more of a science class than a screenplay writing workshop with students. at Sacred Hearts school of communication Tavera.

Most of these naive students are in their bachelors. A handful of them were really interested in the class and rest came to the classes for attendance. Some didn't turn up at all.

There was an exam at the end which was purely judged on the basis of story they created and worked they had done. The submission list was is laws mailed and a few students who were intermittent during classes scored high marks. The other students also performed quite nice and surprisingly a few of them failed.

An exam oriented screenplay writing class to minor students  is always a disaster. However it was fun since the students were fun,

Slides are updated here. mind my design sense. (graphic handicap)

Its always fun interacting with students from this age group. Thier ideas are fresh. Most of them are inspired from content they have seen on TV or Film. More or less like how i was when i was of the same age. It took me a while to understand who I am and what my content actually looks like. 
I am happy with their honesty in story telling. Honesty is something that filmmakers loose as they become better and better.

Students work samples

Geevarghese Jimmy's character design

Govind kammath's character design

Vishnu Sreekumars intersting storylines character design
christ toms character

Saruns Character imagery

Aditi's initial story scribbles\

Aravind's character study 

Aswathy Shivdas character study
Gautam's simple character design

Anamays character Joe

Aagyas rocket character

I had fun with the students and that is something that really helps me work. Everything else is secondary.

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