Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Research Associate

I didn't enjoy this period much.

Sudesh sir asked me if I could become his research associate (assistant in documentary in Mithi river reclamation project) and later when I went to him after completion of the course he said the position was occupied. In fact he added he tried calling me and I was not reachable. I didn't know know what to do. I was counting on this RA-ship to hang around IDC -iit Bombay and write my first script. Sir sudden change of mind had somehow hurt me. I went straight to another professor whom I loved and respected a lot and asked him if there was any position in project D-Source. An online platform from the ministry to impart online design education. Phani sir told me that I can join but need to prepare classes on photography. However I have to be under Sudesh sir since he is heading photography. I went back to Sudesh sir and he said I can work for D-Source and be under him.
However as time progressed sir found out that I am indispensable in the Mithi river project since I was visualising, sound recording, camera assisting and coordinating with MMRDA. Nothing much was done for D source in the first two months. In the fifth month D source asked me to submit a video. Sudesh sir once again disowned me saying I should have concentrated on D Source. However he sat and corrected my script and wrote his own script to get me out of this mess and we shot a small learning video.
As soon as i completed the video I left IDC and decided not to return

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