Sunday, June 29, 2014

Debtor's Prison

Why Kochi ? KOchi is the new Chennai ? the new hub for malyalam film industry. So with my script I found a space (thanks to valuable help from valuable people) in Fort Kochi.

Fort kochi is an organism which had not changed much in the last 150 years. Enveloped in the shattered glory of the Dutch, Portuguese and English, fort Kochi lives like a woman whose lovers have left her but their love still lingers.

Staying by the shipyard watching unknown vessels make dragon whimpers,  inspired me to do so many wonderful things. However the lethargy of a beach holiday spot can get only 10% of the work out of you.

                                                      The monsoon makes it way into Kochi (photograph by Rakhil Akkali)

heavy rains and buoys learn to survive ((photograph by Rakhil Akkali))

The backyard of the space where i stay in fort kochi ( photograph by Rakhil Akkali)

 ((photograph by Rakhil Akkali))

 ((photograph by Rakhil Akkali))

 ((photograph OF Rakhil Akkali) at the pepper house cafe

me with a DVD's and a nice expression

There is the library of visual arts in the pepper house cafe where i spend days watching films and reading random books on film theory and visual communication.

Budget is stringent, People i meet are big, friends are fresh and new, Inspiration is a daily activity, trust is a luxury and people around are survivors.

mermaids in fort kochi ( photograph by Rakhil Akkali))

Fort kochi is a survivors hub. like 'backyard civilization' ( ) claims- a Debtor's prison

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