Friday, April 25, 2014

Progressively Progressive

The Design Associate work was to develop a module for learning on camera aperture and depth of field. After professor gave his set of ideas and content, i started working on the script.

The script was accompanied by a storyboard and took almost 2 and half month to shoot and finish.

Documentation and Content by: Krishand R. K.
IDC, IIT Bombay

Content Creation and Research Guide: Professor Sudesh Balan
IDC, IIT Bombay

Sound Design Editing and Mixing: Shantanu Yennemadi

Narration: Deepanwita Gosh

Cinematography: Prof. Sudesh Balan

Storyboard and Screenplay: Krishand

Shooting Assistants: Zulfiya Hamzaki
Shubhangi Salinkar
Manisha Swarnkar

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