Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Oviedo----- bangalore

"Taking a detour at 2 A.M. from the main road, after having food @ Empire, since a police jeep was parked on the main road. Even Kiron didnt know the way to his place through the small by-lanes and ultimately asked way from a gay couple in a car ...Kiron trying to show us all the chicks staying around Oviedo ... And of course,the amazing wall posters in Oviedo"                      Kiran Kumar


"The thing about Oviedo is in the relief the journey to that place gives my mind and the pride of being among friends whose lives and existence matter...."                        Dheerej 

"OVIEDO is a fantasy... but then suddenly the characters and events which till that very moment existed only in the realm of a fantasy unfolds to reality in front of your bare eyes.... and those characters, live drink and laugh together with u in complete harmony... which eventually brings u to, in a world of which u had no prior knowledge.. and leaves permanent scars in ur memory;  u always remember oviedo as place where some1 drew a very thin line between conventional ideas of fantasy and reality....Our very on wonderland "                                                                                                                                                     Anoop 

"Retrospection is tough decision making. 
Turning back to reminisce, is to involuntarily decide which of those shells you had mustered while on that casual stroll through the beach are to be kept and which are not.I turn back to run my fingers through the contrastingly shaded strands of memories, memories of times, good and bad.Conversations, food, love, space,luxury,hunger,table fan, weed ,lust,moments of self discovery, few tight slaps, alchohol, bus tickets to Bombay, a boomerang and a road trip.Yet, the unrelenting, ruthless cynic that i have metamorphosed into, holds myself back from sporadically growing a more poetic, sentimental crust. Cranial static. I really am unable to decipher which half of me is speaking. Memories are conveniently evanescent.If it wasn't most of would scream the wrong persons name during an orgasm".                                                                                                                                                   Kiron

"Oviedo is a state of mind. A place far away from places but right in the middle of them all. A trench of absorbance, an altar of free thinking and a circus of clowns. Its the thin line between stupidity and deep learning. The conversations will go on because Oviedo is no longer an apartment. Its a concept weaving the people who were in it and most importantly the Beowolf who lives in it."                   Krishand

So far, so long,so much and yet so little

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