Wednesday, May 10, 2017

US and the Universe

When I read the poetry Lica Mace Malik about three years back i was impressed by the cosmic nature of the poem and its relation to science.

Fast forward to now i read the poem again and thought i could create meaning to the visuals. When i read the poem now it is not as profound as it was two years back. Nevertheless I made it. Its art and hence feedbacks doesn't matter but i wanted know how people felt. very few felt anything. One or two connected.

If you notice the sound it is made to resemble space whispers and lost radio signals something I wanted to try. At the same time it should be decipherable. The text has been designed to stand individually and not connect with each other. The visual taken and chosen is for making the viewer think beyond the obvious.

The whole attempt is to make us feel how small we are.

We are small.  I had worked on a concept called Brahma for Dhaksha animation once. That didn't reach anywhere. This can be called as an afterglow of the research I did.

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