Thursday, November 3, 2016


 I remember vividly copying superman figures that my sister copied from a graphic novel that Achan (DAD) brought me when I was in Kinder Garden. Superman had a beard in it. 
My Parents never thought of putting me in any art class or drawing classes and hence there was never a technique or style . To this date I don't produce finished art. I am the intermediate between an idea and its artwork. When I got my degree in Design eventually I figured out that drawing something just the way it is may not actually be art (not for me though) . If I can represent an idea in my head through a scribble then I am as much an artist as anyone around me.

Using the camera as a medium to tell stories was an easy escape out of this handicap of a skill. Incomplete lines, inconsistent colors with a definite camera angle became known as my style.

Since June I was consulting as a creator for animation films with Dhaksha animation. (Visualiser, Director - Storyboard creator ). I felt that if each image given in Jay Parkers inktober topic can somehow convey a thought, a story or an emotion then my creativity will get its much needed 'dog-training'. Here are some of the work. 

Simple RULES for inktober
1) Make a drawing in ink in 30 minutes - not more than that.
2) Post it online
3) Hashtag it with #inktober and #inktober2016
4) Repeat

Fast - because a frog is fast and tortoise is slow and this guy is in between

Noisy -  because dogs and sound recordist can hear everything

Collect - 
Every time a person is shot his memories are erased too, and then this guy started collecting guns from every kill - each gun representing the man he killed - the memory he erased 

Hungry - because Marie Antoinette heard them shout for bread

Sad  - for Syrian refugees 

                               Hidden - since there are cameras everywhere and nothing could be        hidden except for animals - who are already invisible

Lost - because Laika died for mankind's urge for knowledge

Rock - half submerged - because it is a good image :-D

Broken - since sometimes when you miss someone and listen to the rain you can feel all the tiny cracks of your once broken spirit.

Jump - because I am superhero 

Transport - since Ganapathy uses the mouse as his vehicle

Worried - because a lot of stray dogs are killed in kerala

Scared - of the height of the mountain that I might climb tomorrow morning 

Trees - because Samurais are cool

Relax - A beer and a smoke goes with a good book to read

Wet - because before rains these termites comes out

Battle - Because washing utensils and houshold chores is abattle

Escape - since i was the only one who survived it witout a scracth

Flight - because she know it

Squeeze - for love 

Big - because the man to whom the shoes belonged was bigger

Little - because its a tiny green rock with moss

Slow - because she would wake up

One Dozen - because all the men who tread the valley before him were killed and he knows his fate

Tired - because they had a rocking time 

Box - since there is Television

Creepy - since the bullets whistled past me

Burn - because she misses him with every cigarette

I have thumb-nailed for comics and movies and hence the skill ,which I once thought I was not good enough is giving me bread and butter. Inktober forced me to think and draw- loved using brush pens. 

Some days it was tough for me to make scribbles and i would sleep feeling guilty. The exercise was good. Few people noticed my sketches and few made very valid remarks. 

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