Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mid-stream March Masala

People end up asking you what the philosophy behind a concept is. Some question the logic behind each scene. Some end up judging, comparing, demeaning and may even call it bogus and hollow.

Every dish needs a particular culinary, a particular crate and a particular time to be served. In spite of serving it at the right time one may be serving it to the wrong people. (Sometimes even the wrong cook )

‘Stories from Mumbai’ is one such dish that is currently being made. Its intended to be a mid-stream masala short film made as a part of my IDC project.

After severe wrestling with money issues, theshort indie film is 90% complete.

the pre pro and final

Me and ravi Discussing the shot division as Vinit clicks

Nitin and Divya Alok as characters

Some scenes, i ended up playing a character due to integrity issues

the long auto drives after renting out equipments

Radhakrishna Bar before it was demolished

I would like to thank Jithin Stalin for stepping into the shoes of the producer and funding half the film. The movie is on the edit table.
We got permission to shoot inside Radhakrishna Bar oppiste IIT, however two days later the bar was demolished by BMTC road widening. It will be a part of me now.

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