Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Chicken Heartedness

I woke up at around 3.00 am and she had disappeared. She tried to blow her soul into me through that kiss.

I haven't had a dream in a while but this has strecthed the known standards of my chicken heartedness.
I couldn't sleep that night as I clearly remember the dead girls face.

 Maybe its because I am exploring the "dark" genre.
"The shining" was quite an experience. "the woman in black" was a spook and a probably food for the spoofs.

Meanwhile Case 356 looks like a joke when I go back and view it. Maybe that is how it is is supposed to be. Everything is important when you are at the moment and then it is a big fat joke.

Kiron and Bimal helping me through the chicken heartedness. 'Renoy'ness also helping quite a  bit.

Understanding "gestalts law of proximity" better .


Also since this is an artblog posting one of concept art from Case 356, (the piece was colored after the movie but the sketch was made even before the Video communication lecture) ..will be posting snapshot from the storyboard in the next post.

Also putting an assignment from last sem ..the Visual letter (we were suppose to make a visual and sent it our friend based on an experience in IIT and his interpretation  was to be submitted..thanks Anoop Jaffer for the reply )

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