Thursday, June 16, 2011

Galore ...

A guy ( great artist) Ujjwal Barwa threw my comic book on my face. He strongly believes that my tecnique on anatomy and colour sense is not good. He does not even think that i can ever improve. "Dont show me bad work" were his exact words.

After the results of the Department of Design people were all stirred. Like a tree being shaken vigourously. Ankur Singh (Rajput from Delhi and he got in Delhi IIT) walked into my room and said my art inspires him.

Akhil and JIthin Poulose were still in a bad mood and jithin George was unhappy ( eventhough he made it to Department of Design). Met a dopehead and and amazing guy Kiran ( IIT guwhatti -temporal sceintist)

Finally ...  got selected in IDC, IIT . chose Visual communication over animation design. Paid the fee

The magnitude of this temporary success hasnt struck me yet. BUt somewhere inside a lamp has been lit.

Thank you all. Esp the ones who went to the IIt page and saw my name themselves.

 Posting random madness here ..not gud art (quote Utpal Barwa) ..sir I can improve :-)

the anarchist

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